I am a PhD candidate in Dr. Shweta Bansal’s lab in the Global Infectious Diseases program at Georgetown University. My research with the Bansal Lab examines the spatial and age dynamics of influenza from an epidemiological perspective through quantitative data analysis and modeling. In the long term, I am interested in applying my research on infectious disease dynamics to public health policy.


Recent News

December 2016: Georgetown did a nice article on our flu research. Check it out!

December 2016: Our winter holidays work on influenza transmission and age dynamics was accepted as an Editor’s Choice article at the Journal of Infectious Diseases! — holidays delay peaks, shift burden to adults, and synchronize epidemics by dampening transmission!

December 2016: I presented my work at the International Society for Disease Surveillance Conference in Atlanta, and received an award for outstanding student abstract!

December 2016: Check out my newest piece on the advantages and limitations of using spatial big data for infectious disease surveillance, published in a special issue of the Journal of Infectious Diseases!

November 2016: I presented a poster on my spatial flu work at MBI. My first time in Columbus and at OSU!

November 2016: I presented my work on drivers of spatial heterogeneity in influenza disease burden at the MISMS meeting at NIH.

May 2016: It’s been a long time coming (NIMBioS math biology graduate workshop 2013), but our paper on cholera model distinguishability is out on Arxiv!